cowzi, an ergonomic and COVID times friendly travel pillow.

Cowzi is a Swiss brand that makes clever travel pillows to help people enjoy their rest when on the move

Be prepared for every trip

Welcome to our world

Traveling abroad has always been a source of Freedom, happiness and nourishment for our memories. However, one problem remains. Finding rest during the ride.

Cowzi, the reference in the High-tech Pillow industry

We live in a world full of technology, everything that is surrounding you has been developed for helping you feel at ease. We pushed it to the limit and contributed to your well-being, by adding the best accessory during your rides.

What would be a travel pillow without all the practicality that Cowzi has?

Even the best designed and engineered product is not useful if it cannot be taken easily everywhere and have a few advantages, once more. That is why, once again, we came up with a little extra

“…Avis client ou presse ici …Really love the services provided by this team. Very good collaboration, thanks a lot for your help!…”

Jane Austin

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